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When Is The Right Time To Propose? This Year, Next Year, Or Never!

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This is a question a lot of people often ask when dating, when is the right time to propose?


Should one wait till they have dated for years or just a few months? Is there even an ideal time to propose? Will proposing too soon look like one is desperate, or waiting to go months mean you are wasting time?


When it comes to marriage, nothing can be rushed, so the proposal will eventually come but bear in mind that another person Is involved.


Teniola Apata, a Nigerian singer popularly called Teni, released a new song titled “Marry”. The song talks about a lady who has been dating a guy for seven years.


The lady in the song takes the step to ask the guy when they will marry. In her words, she asks if it will be “this year, next year, or never”.

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That song can be interpreted to mean that there should be a time frame. Nobody should be dated indefinitely, they need to know if the relationship is headed towards marriage or they are just building a friendship with no long term plans in mind.


When Is The Right Time To Propose? This Year, Next Year, Or Never!


So should a woman seeing a man is yet to propose, bring up the proposal question or buy her man a ring as we see on social media nowadays?


In this part of the world, it is expected that the man pops the question, but this is 2020, and things have changed. So as a lady you don’t have to necessarily get yourself a ring. You can simply ask him simple questions to know if you both are on track.


His reaction (or lack of it) to this question will tell you if you should continue or quietly move on.


Is there an ideal time to propose? When you feel you have found your soul mate and that person you can’t do without, then you should pop the question.


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