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Five Ways To Deal With Mother-In-Law Issues In Marriage

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Growing up, we heard of the dreaded mothers-in-law in marriage. Remember Patience Ozokwor in the early years of Nollywood who often goes to her son’s house to fight her daughter-in-law? There always seems to be that spouse’s mother who decides what happens in the marriage. If things don’t go her way, that marriage is as good as over otherwise she’d make her in-law’s life a living hell.


Funnily enough, some present-day marriages still suffer from the wicked mother-in-law syndrome as some ladies, most especially, can attest to the role their husband’s mother play in the marriage. So if you are getting married any time soon, then you need to have the following factors in mind.


1. Do your background check

Before meeting your soon-to-be mother-in-law, do a background check, and this will mostly be from your spouse. Ask them about their upbringing, or their relationship with their mother, her hobbies and the dislikes. This is not for you to get ready to please her but to prepare your mind for when you will meet her.


2. Be open-minded

Maybe her son may have told you how his mother is a disciplinarian, so you already feel your mother in law will be strict. That is not the way to go. She may have been high handed with her son and decide to pamper you. So be open-minded so you don’t react the wrong way.


Adesua Etomi Wellington and Sola Sobowale on the set of the Wedding Party


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3. Be prepared

Some people think their mother-in-law will automatically love them, since their partners love them But that’s not always the case. Last year, a story went viral on the internet after a young woman visited her soon-to-be mother-in-law for the first time. On getting there, she helped her with the cooking and, according to her, there was a lot of meat in the soup they both prepared. However, when her mother-in-law presented the meal, it was without a single piece of meat. What do you do in such a situation? You can drop your response in the comment section below.


Regardless of how you’re received, when you marry someone, much of the time you also marry their family by extension. Just be well mannered and treat her the way you would treat your mother. But draw the line where you’d refuse to accept humiliation and disrespect.


How To Deal With Mother-In-Law Issues In Marriage
Ireti Doyle and Richard Mofe -Damijo on the set of “The Wedding Party”


4. Treat her like your own mother

Whatever you would do for your own mother do also for your mother-in-law. She is also your mother, remember? When you begin to segregate, everything she does will get on your nerves even more. So take it easy and don’t get yourself worked up for anything. Be happy with this woman who has become your second mother and see how your relationship would work out.


5. Know your fiancee’s stand

Your partner should be supportive. A man who is still at the apron string of his mother should not be married. Marriage is leaving and cleaving. So it is fine if he has a connection with his mother, but when it becomes detrimental to the marriage then it becomes a big issue. So know that your partner is on your side, especially when their mother is proving difficult. Your partner should put you first, and your happiness should be paramount to them.


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