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How A Third Party Can Break Or Make Your Marriage

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A third party in a relationship can be as detrimental as it is helpful. This means that a third party can either save your relationship or marriage or end it altogether. A third party could be the matchmaker who brought the couple together, their mutual friend, their parents or even religious leaders.


There are times when a third party can advise and help to restore a couple whose marriage is at the brink of divorce. There are also relationships that would have thrived until a third party came along.


Wisdom in relationship or marriage requires that people know when to draw the line. People should be able to sieve the information they receive as advice, even if it comes from their parents or a trusted family member.


How A Third Party Can Break Or Make Your Marriage
Young couple undergoing marriage counselling


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The funny thing is, at the end of the day when the marriage ends or relationship fails, the couple is left with regrets. They find themselves wishing they didn’t listen to that person or people.


Often times, people suggest that married couples facing a marital crisis should seek the help of a professional counsellor. This is because this counsellor would not let his or her emotions ride their judgement.


It will be difficult to rule out third parties entirely in relationships and marriages, but two people who have decided to make their relationship work must learn to protect what they share.


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