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Uber Quietly Disables Its Hailing App On The Apple Watch Store

Uber has quietly disabled its ride-hailing app on the Apple Watch store, users will no longer be able to order rides from their wrists. Users trying to order a ride using the app are greeted with “please switch to the Uber mobile app.” Also, there is a text that says the company is “no longer supporting the Apple Watch app.”

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The reason for the ended support might be as a result of the low usage of the Uber Watch App. The hail-riding company two years ago removed its app from the WearOS store. This goes further to point that aside from music, fitness and notifications, other apps are barely active.

Rival Lyft has ended support for its WearOS and Apple Watch stores since 2018 probably for the same reasons. Uber also apologised for any inconveniences caused by ending support, it even displayed a sad emoji on the app.

Uber is now allowing Its drivers and car riders to record audio during trips for safety reasons. This new option will be launching in three US cities soon.

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Before now, drivers were able to put a personal camera inside their car cabin if their local law allows it. But for Uber’s inbuilt feature, comes integrated with the Mobile app.

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Uber also says that the recorded audio in its app is fully encrypted and stored in the riders or drivers devices. In case of an emergency or safety reporting, both users will have to meet a trained Uber safety agent who will decrypt the recording.

The safety of drivers and riders has become increasingly important to Uber after allegations of s****l assaults and difficulties. Ending support for the Uber Apple Watch app certainly is a logical decision; the company still supports its iPad and iPhone apps.



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