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Safety: Uber Now Allows Drivers And Riders Record Audio During Trips

Uber is now allowing Its drivers and car riders to record audio during trips for safety reasons. This new option will be launching in three US cities this month 2021.

According to its press release, when a trip starts riders and drivers can hit the shield icon in the app’s Safety Toolkit and select “Record Audio.” This isn’t the first time Uber is releasing the audio recording, Uber first announced this feature in Latin America in 2019.

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Before now, drivers were able to put a personal camera inside their car cabin if their local law allows it. But for Uber’s inbuilt feature, comes integrated with the Mobile app.

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Uber also says that the recorded audio in its app is fully encrypted and stored in the riders or drivers devices. In case of an emergency or safety reporting, both users will have to meet a trained Uber safety agent who will decrypt the recording.

Interestingly, the press release also announced audible seat belt alerts. Uber alerts the driver’s phone while alerting the rider via a notification. Unlike the audio recording release for this month, seat belt alert comes to the US early next year 2022. The safety of drivers and riders has become increasingly important to Uber after allegations of s****l assaults and difficulties.



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