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Uber and Bolt drivers strike in South Africa

Uber and Bolt drivers in Cape Town, South Africa, started a two-day strike on Wednesday demanding higher commission and pay rates.

This is the second time this year that the ride-hailing drivers in South Africa are protesting through a strike. In March, they had embarked on a three-day strike following the hike in gasoline price.

However, while the former strike was to get their way with the government, this one is to pressure their employers. TechPoint reported that the strike was to end on Thursday, but it is not clear if their demands would be met before they called off the strike.

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As stated by Siyabonga Hlabisa, Chairperson of the Uber Union, the drivers want Uber to reduce its commission from 25% to 10% and raise the rate per kilometre to R10 ($0.60). Meanwhile, Bolt drivers are giving the company a 14-day window to find a way to meet with their requests as well.

According to sources, the trip fares in South Africa has tripled in 2022 due to increment in gasoline price. Yet, the fares are not enough for the ride-hailing drivers who feel ill-treated.

In addition to the increased fare, the drivers also decried the indiscriminate deactivation that they face which has made their jobs insecure.

The strike was preceded by a meeting with representatives from Uber and Bolt concerning price changes amid the increasing fuel prices. It seems that the meeting did little to appease the aggrieved workers and there will be more sit-downs towards the end of August 2022.

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