You are currently viewing Uber updates safety measures for riders adding ADT monitoring integration
Uber updates safety measures for riders adding ADT monitoring integration

Uber updates safety measures for riders adding ADT monitoring integration

Uber has updated its safety measures by adding ADT integration to further protect riders and make it easier to call 911 quickly.

The introduction of the new protection methods into the ride-hailing company’s Safety Toolkit feature comes nearly two months after a class action filing involving 550 female customers claimed that it exposed them to all sorts of dangers.

While Uber has had to update safety on several occasions, this latest version sees it direct customers to a Florida-based private security firm called ADT.

Now, riders get an option to contact a safety agent attached to the security outfit when they hit the shield icon on the Uber map during a ride. They can either call or text the company, and the agent will monitor the trip. If needed, the agent can help the rider contact 911.

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ADT’s integration allows it to access vital details like the car’s make and model, license plate number, GPS location, and more. Thus, if it is a case of emergency, then dispatchers or authorities can be sent to its location.

However, Uber says that not every situation requires calling the authorities. It is not yet clear how it will determine the level of emergency if the passenger cannot further specify.

The company has come a long way when it comes to riders’ safety. Initially, in its early days, it had the problem of not conducting enough background checks on drivers and safety screenings.

It appears that the security update is just for riders in the US. What about customers in populated countries like Nigeria, where there are already lesser government security measures in place?

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