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Top Ten Beauty Essentials To Have In Your Travel Bag

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The prospect of going on a trip is fun and exciting until you have to put together a travel bag. It can be easy if all you do is to throw in just about anything and hope it works. However, you may miss out some essential items. This could cause you to dip into your travel budget painstakingly. Rather than risk forgetting necessities or having items you don’t need like a bikini on a hiking trip, it pays to be ready.


As a lady who wants to look your best all day every day, you can’t afford to forget the travel essentials. Packing too much means you would forget something, howbeit little. Contrarily, packing enough with an intention would help you have a swell time with no worries.


The art of carefully selecting beauty essentials is a skill not many have mastered. Once you know what you can do with and without, it would help to leave more room in your bag for souvenirs. You will also save yourself an unnecessary headache. Imagine having your sunscreen or blotting paper right when you need it. That’s exactly why you need to strike these off your list when packing your travel bag.


Top ten travel essentials to have in your travel bag



1. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you will be indoors or outdoors, your body needs the sunscreen. Rather than hold out to get from your destination, you shouldn’t take any chances and buy from your usual spot. They help protect your skin from getting sunspots, as well as wrinkles. If you’ve never used one, then now is the time to start. Contact a dermatologist to get a recommendation on the type that suits you.


2. Pack a scent


You shouldn’t forget to smell like sunshine. Pack your favourite fragrance for the season.


3. Mini shampoo and conditioner

This should be in a small size to save some room in your bag. Although hotels usually have these ready for guests, you don’t want to take chances. Whatever they provide may not work for you, especially if you rock natural hair. Instead, be prepared and pack yours in your travel bag. As an alternative, you can also use a dry shampoo to save you time and the need to carry a hairdryer. If you don’t use a shampoo for your hair (dramatic pause), no comment.

4. Face mask



Just like Koreans who are the gang leaders of skincare products, you can use a sheet face mask. They help to hydrate your skin, clear clogged pores, brighten the skin and heal breakouts. When you go on a trip, the environmental change can affect your skin so you should be ready to beat it at its game. Let your skin glow always.


5. Moisturiser

Let’s be real, your body can be quite the demanding baby. It needs to be replenished with moisture, and you shouldn’t forget to pack what you can feed it with. To avoid dry and scaly skin, or simply moisture-starved skin, get your moisture in your travel bag. This would keep you looking radiant throughout your trip.


6. Other makeup essentials



You should remember to pack the main items you use. This could be an eyeliner, an eye shadow palette, a brow pencil, powder, concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara and your favourite lipstick. Ensure you keep it minimal.


7. BB Cream

This is a great time saver. A BB cream is like a lotion, sunscreen and foundation all in one. Therefore, you would be saving money and space in your bag while packing.


8. Lip Balm


Just like the rest of your body, your lips need moisture. You should ensure they get all that they need with a good lip balm. Use a lip balm with added SPF to protect them from the sun. You may also use Vaseline as an alternative.


9. Makeup remover

Your skin is still your top priority even if you want to accentuate that beauty. Therefore, remember to remove your makeup and do a nighttime routine before you go to bed. As an alternative, you may use a liquid wash or wipes.


10. Disposable toilet seat



Sure, they may judge you for being little miss prim and proper, but you may want to have these handy. You honestly don’t know how many butts have been in those guest toilets.


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After starting with the essentials, you would have no worries about forgetting anything relevant. Add whatever would make your trip more exciting and memorable. Share with us what you think should be added to this list. 

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