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Dry Shampoo: Why This Product Is Your Hair’s Best Friend

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If you have a vivid imagination, then you are probably guilty of washing your hair before you actually do. You imagine getting it wet, getting the shampoo on, scrubbing and rinsing. What’s even worse is that it sometimes feels like you need to put in so much effort to get the hair wash job done. Remember, you haven’t even started and you’re already tired with the whole routine.


We all deserve some lazy days, especially after a busy one. This is why some smart fellows invented the hair wash saving grace and called it the dry shampoo. They probably had some lazy days too and thought about making something that helps save time and effort.


With dry shampoo, you can get rid of that excess oil in your hair root. By using the powder, paste or spray, you can apply it on your hair at any time you choose and cleanse without getting it wet. All the oil gets absorbed, leaving your hair fresh and clean and smelling pretty.


Why dry shampoo is your hair’s best friend

benefits of dry shampoo


1. You can apply it any time

The convenience of dry shampoo is amazing. You can apply it any time and anywhere. By applying before going to bed, you wake up in the morning to bouncy, fresh and grease-free hair.


2. It saves time

If you’re in a hurry but don’t want to look anything but refreshed, then get yourself a dry shampoo. You neither need to rinse nor blow-dry after application. Blow-drying often could expose your hair to heat which can damage your hair. This is the fastest way to get yourself ready on a bad hair day.


3. Gives your hair more volume

One trick to getting an added volume and bounce to your hair is to apply dry shampoo. After application, blow-dry and get your hair that extra bounce if you desire. Also, it helps prevent damage from heated styling tools, while giving you styling control.


4. More fragrance to your hair

While it cleanses your hair by sucking up all the oil, it also leaves your hair smelling fresh. It helps eradicate every unpleasant odour from your hair and encourages you to flaunt your hair freely. There are a variety of dry shampoos you can get from your nearest store. So, there’s no fear of anyone plucking their nose when you pass by.


5. It controls hair damage

Rather than go through the hair breakage that comes with constant wet shampooing, you minimise the outcome. Washing constantly causes your hair to become dry. Using dry shampoo helps to repair and hydrate dry, tired, frizzy hair. Coconut and Argan Dry Shampoos are functional for controlling such hair damages. Therefore, you can save your hair from a lot of damage by reducing wet shampooing.


6. Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots

Since it contains a powder that absorbs or dilutes excess sebum on the hair, it’s perfect for cleaning your hair. It also contains cotton and aloe vera extracts which remove hair grease. It gives your lifeless hair the bounce it needs, leaving your hair smelling like a million bucks.

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