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These Ten Restroom Designs Prove That Someone Really Hates You

When you feel the pressure to ease yourself, you look for the nearest restroom. This is quite the normal reaction especially when it’s one you can’t control. Certainly, when nature beckons, you heed to it without thinking twice. Unfortunately, some restroom designs make you question how much someone must really hate humans.


There’s nothing like a bad toilet to chase your poop back to where it came from. It’s not necessarily the sight of a dirty restroom that can do that to you, but the sight of the design can be quite puzzling.


This could make you wonder if someone down there really wants you to sh*t yourself. Or probably, it was some sort of sick sense of humour that had them reeling with crazy ideas. Meanwhile, you are in dire need of a bathroom break, or maybe you just want to get on that toilet just for the sake of stalling.


We all know people use the toilet for many reasons and not all of them involve the numbers one or two.

*For clarification, number one means to pee, while number two means to – you know – do the poo. 


Some people hide away in the restroom. They could do this to shed some tears that can actually be therapeutic. Or they could just want to hide from someone or to check their phones secretly. Sure, you can do this at the stairwell, but there’s something about the restroom that only girls would really understand. Maybe it’s the extra privacy.


Therefore, when someone ruins it with a bad design, it makes you to question just how much of your toilet secret they really know. Certainly, someone doesn’t want you to have a swell time in there.


Here are pretty horrid designs that could make you wonder if someone really hates you.


Ten restroom designs that prove someone really hates you

1. Now, this is just saying, “I hate you, so sh*t and die after”. Who designs a toilet with a barbed wire unless they have an ulterior motive?



2. Did they run out of money, or is it just a creative genius at work? When you design a toilet and bathroom, consider those who actually have to use it.



3. Sure, I want to do a number two. While doing it, look up casually and watch your toilet stall neighbour do theirs as well. Maybe also give them a thumbs up. Whose wise idea was it to use a mirror for a ceiling?



4. This is what you see in horror films usually, but is actually real. This one-of-a-kind restroom was designed above an elevator. What a brilliant idea!



5. So, you’re seriously pressed to do the number one or two, and you realise that you have to actually pay to use the restroom. But wait! You don’t have your card with you. What happens next?


6. Wouldn’t it be fun to play peekaboo with whoever enters the restroom while you’re busy doing your thing? That’s what this designer probably thought when he allowed for a large gap between stalls.


7. This toilet isn’t actually dirty, the designer just through it would be neat to have a toilet that looks dirty. What a way to begin defecating, right?


8. Why would you want to use the restroom and have everyone else see you do so? This glass bathroom stall is a no-no.



9. They thought, “Let’s do something nice for the handicaps,” but forgot to remove the stairs. What a brilliant idea!



10. To infinity and beyond! This is a restroom design that makes you see yourself contorting your face as you do your deed in more ways than one with the infinity mirror. Why didn’t we think of that?


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