The New Chrome 88 Update To Improve Dark Mode Amid New Features

The New Chrome 88 Update To Improve Dark Mode Amid New Features

Google is releasing a new Chrome 88 update that will notably improve its dark mode support, removing FTP and Adobe Flash support. The improvements will come to the versions on both Windows and Chrome OS.


The Chrome OS version has improvements to both its light and dark modes in Chrome OS; the themes have been updated for the app launcher, quick settings, and shelf parts of Chrome OS.


The Windows 10 dark mode has some improvement with Chrome 88. It features the scroll bars finally appearing dark. However, these features are limited to the settings, bookmarks, history, and new tab pages of Chrome 88 and not across all websites with dark themes at the moment.

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Google is also disabling the File Transport Protocol (FTP) in this latest version. It marks the end of the protocol used to send files across the web which has lasted several decades.


Also, after disabling and blocking after many years, Google is finally fully removing it from Chrome 88. This follows Adobe’s discontinued support for the service from 31st December 2020, marking the end of an era.


Chrome 88 is also getting some new experimental features. Tab search and less intrusive website permission requests will now be found hidden away in Chrome 88. To enable the new tab search, you’ll have to use chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search, and it will appear as a new drop-down arrow in the Chrome tab interface.



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