The New VLC 3.0.12 Update Means It Now Runs Natively On M1 Macs

The New VLC 3.0.12 Update Means It Now Runs Natively On M1 Macs

Open-source media player, VLC has released a new update (3.0.12) and it comes with native support for Apple’s latest M1 Macs. This means the app now supports the new Silicon versions of the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, and the Mac mini.


Also, the VLC 3.0.12 update includes visual tweaks to help it level with the latest version of macOS, Big Sur. The update also features improvements for DASH, RIST, Bluray support, fixes for macOS audio, Windows GPU, crashes, and security issues.

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Although Mac apps don’t strictly require a native update to work with the M1 processor because the silicon Macs already include Rosetta 2, which is a translation layer that allows software compiled for x86 processors to run smoothly on the new Arm-based hardware. However, in VLC’s case, because many of its users rely on it for playback of hefty 4K or 8K video files; there’s bound to be a noticeable improvement in its performance and efficiency.


To get the update on an M1 Mac, the VLC app has to be first updated to 3.0.12 and then to This is because the app is not pre-optimised for Arm PCs by default.



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