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Ten Fun Activities You Can Engage In At The Omu Resort, Lagos

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The Omu Resort is one of the most attractive recreational resorts in Lagos, Nigeria. The resort is located in Bogije Town, adjacent to Lakowe Lakes Golf Course, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.


With the resort set in a rain-forest environment, it provides its visitors with beauty and appreciation of nature. A visit to the resort is never a dull moment. There are a handful of things you can do at the Omu Resort.


Some fun activities and places at Omu Resort include: Zoo, Amusement Park, Go Kart, Quad Biking, Archery
Horse Riding, KiddiesPlay, Minigolf, Hook And Grill, Kayaking,  DDT Paintball Arena, Seaworld, Tide’s Wet And Wild, Wax Museum, Wave Pool, David’s Sanctuary, etc.


Below are some of the fun places and activities you can engage in at the Omu Resort:

1. Visit the zoo

Ten Fun Activities You Can Engage In Omu Resort Lagos

With over 40 animals from Africa, you can be sure to have a very good feel of wild-life from the resort. Visitors at Omu Resort have the opportunity to see interesting wild animals and engage with them.

2. Amusement Park

Whether young or old, you’re guaranteed to have extreme fun at the park. The amusement park has some of the best thrill rides such as the Hully gully dip, Tilt a whirl, Chair swing, and more. It’s one of the best parks to take your family and loved ones during holiday seasons.

3. Ride a kart in the race track

Ten Fun Activities You Can Engage In Omu Resort Lagos

Omu Resort is acclaimed to be Nigeria’s first purpose-built race track with a wide array of karts that satisfies all ages. The low centre of gravity ensures that the thrills are endless. So, if you are a lover of racing, you would love this one!

4. Quad Biking

Love bikes?. Then you will love quad biking at Omu Resort. Interestingly, it’s available to all ages and even novice bike riders. You can ride into the swamps on the quad bikes; the fun is limitless.

5. Archery

Whether you do it for fun or in a competitive manner, the resort gives you an adventurous thrill through the firing of arrows at targets. It’s a good place to put your shooting skills to test.

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6. Horse riding

Omu Resort is one of the first dedicated training ground for riders from beginners to the more experienced who wish to get involved in equestrianism (the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing, or vaulting with horses). Are you a lover of horse riding? Then, you should visit Omu Resort for a memorable ride.

7. Visit the mini-golf course

Ten Fun Activities You Can Engage In Omu Resort Lagos

If you are golf lovers or enthusiasts, a visit to Omu Resort will be worth it. There are mini-golf sections just for you to enjoy.

8. Hook and Grill

Just like fishermen, visitors get a proper fishing line and have to catch their fish with the option of grilling or having it turned into pepper soup. This is a fun activity and loved by many visitors to this part of the resort.

10. Kayaking

Ten Fun Activities You Can Engage In Omu Resort Lagos

Row the boat yourself at the man-made lake. And if you think it’s hard, well, it’s not. You just need to learn some skills and you are good to go. It is a great workout tool for the entire family requiring everyone to work in unison while having an exciting time on the water.

There are three variants
1. Single Kayaks.
2. Single Paddle Pads.
3. 2/3/4 seater paddle boats.

The Omu Resort is like an all-in-one package for families, individuals, and lovers who want to have fun.


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