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These Seven Reasons Will Make You Want To Visit Badagry Town

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Badagry is a coastal town and local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria. This beautiful town lies between the city of Lagos and its shared border with Benin at Seme.


It is already popular for its exotic and rich cultural heritage. You can also learn about the history of Christianity in the area. The beautiful town also holds importance to the dark times of the Nigerian slave trade.


If you are looking for a place in Lagos to visit for leisure, you can’t go wrong visiting Badagry.

Below we give seven reasons you should visit Badagry Town:

1. Badagry is a few kilometres from Seme, a border town to the Republic of Benin. It officially generates the highest Nigeria Customs duties income to date. But before the slave trade era, it was a place of subsistence farming and fishing. Why? This is because of its proximity to the ocean.


2. Badagry’s fishing and accessibility to the ocean proved to be a blessing and a curse. The town was the key port for the export of African slaves to the Americas. Visiting it allows you to see the small museum in the building of the first Christian Mission. It showcases the manacles and other relics of the hugely lucrative and barbaric trade in humans.



Seven Beautiful Reasons You Should Visit Badagry Town

Seven Beautiful Reasons You Should Visit Badagry Town


3. Badagry has a place as one of the “firsts” in Nigeria’s colonial history. The first primary school, St Thomas Primary School was established in 1845 in the town. It was also annexed by the United Kingdom and incorporated into the Lagos colony in 1863. It became part of Nigeria in 1901.

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4. The Agia Tree can be found in Badagry and it was the first place Christianity was preached by Rev. Birch Freeman of Methodist Church. The local myth is that prayers said under it get answered.


5. The title of Badagry’s royal father is Oba Akran a very influential Nigerian politician. You can get a chance to visit his palace in the town.


6. Badagry houses top beaches just as the Coconut Beach, The Whispering Palms Resort and Suntan Beach.


Seven Beautiful Reasons You Should Visit Badagry Town


7. Badagry locals, comprising the Aworis, Egun, Yoruba and Ogu people, are hospitable. You may also get to taste their snack, Ajogun, made from cassava, best enjoyed with coconut water sucked from a straw plunged deep into the coconut.


So the next time you feel like taking a vacation, take a trip to Badagry and experience its beauty, culture and hospitality.


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