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Experience Nature Like Never Before At Okomu National Park

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Okomu National Park is located in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo state. The park lies about 50km west of Benin City, Edo-State.


Built by the British colonial administration in 1986, Okomu National Park is a natural habitat for endangered flora and fauna species.


At Okomu, different animal species can be found such as African forest elephant, African Buffalo, Chimpanzees, Dwarf crocodiles, Mona monkey, Warthog and lots more.


Over 150 species of birds like grey hornbill, fish eagle and Angolan Putta can also be found at the park.


Visitors can stay at chalets built on stilts, just outside the park entrance, surrounded by big trees that are often occupied by Mona monkeys.


The Okomu Eco-tourist resort, located within the park, offers modern tourist facilities like its 12 chalets and 3 family apartments, swimming pool, cosy restaurant and a mini-conference centre. If not your style, there are also available hotels nearby.

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Below are fun activities you can do when you visit Okomu National Park

If you are an animal and nature lover, Okomu National Park is just the place for you. Check out fun activities you can do while at the park.

  • Climb the treehouses to get a great view of the park’s landscape.


  • Try out the park’s canopy walk.


  • Birdwatching.


  •  Fishing in any of the two rivers in the park.


  • Forest walk and spot rare animals along the way


So the next time you are in Benin, take your time and visit Okomu National Park and have a taste of nature.


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