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Style 101: Five Sleek Ways To Wear Your Ankara Crop Top

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The weekend is here, and nothing would look s*xier and more flattering on your body than an Ankara crop top.


The crop top is a fashion trend that has been in vogue, and it has a way of helping you flaunt that great body. The Ankara crop top says, “I am African, I know my roots, I have a great body and I will flaunt it.” Going to the beach, a date night with the man in your life an Ankara crop top is a good pick.


Here are five sleek ways to pair your Ankara crop top.



Get your Ankara fabric designed on your sweat crop top. Wear it on high waist jeans, showing just a little skin. It’s perfect to use when you only have a little material left over from your last outfit.


Five Sleek Ways To Pair Your Ankara Crop Top



For that corporate event, you can wear your Ankara crop top over a well-fitting bodycon dress. Pair it up with heels and you will love how you look. This style is great for ladies who do not want to show their bellies at all.


Five Sleek Ways To Pair Your Ankara Crop Top


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Why not flaunt those legs in Ankara bum shorts paired with a similar crop top? Just give the Ankara material to a good tailor and see yourself stealing the show at your next outing.


Five Sleek Ways To Pair Your Ankara Crop Top



Pairing high waist jeans with a colourful Ankara crop top is always a good idea to rock this outfit. It is easy to wear, comfortable and versatile.




For a time out at the beach, pair a flattering African crop top on a pair of bum shorts, and let the breeze of the sea do its magic on your pretty outfit.



So don’t be at home this weekend thinking of what to wear to that beach outing or a film hangout. Go out and show how African and classy you can be.


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