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Nine Awesome Ways To Pair Your Ankara Wears With Sneakers

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Some people may wonder why anyone would wear sneakers with Ankara. If you’re one of such people, then you don’t know what you’re missing. The world is now so fashion-forward that the famous Ankara isn’t just what older people wear to burials or use as Asoebi.


It is so trendy now that people wear them to shows, dinners and parties. So why can’t you wear sneakers on Ankara?


There are so many classy ways to pair your Ankara dresses with sneakers. Take a look at some of them below.


1. Rock a nicely sewn Ankara jumpsuit with a pair of nice, white sneakers.


2. Try out a halter neck Ankara gown with your favourite sneakers


3. Pair up your sneakers with Ankara trousers and a plain black or white shirt


4. Try on those sneakers with that intriguing Ankara dress


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5. Try out a body con short Ankara dress with your favourite sneakers


6. How about a short flair Ankara gown to go with those classy sneakers?



7.  Try on a nicely cut kimono jacket and your pair of sneakers


8. Also, there’s the option of an Ankara top, a pair of jeans and those lovely sneakers.


9.  You can also wear your sneakers with that loose-fitted Ankara gown you have


The list goes on and on. Let us know what other Ankara-sneakers combos you’ve tried and how great the outcome was.


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