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Spotify Reconsiders Allowing Support For Apple’s Airplay 2 On iOS

Spotify told TheVerge it will be adding AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app. Despite the delay, the company is “working to make a reality”. Spotify had a poor relationship with the Apple company.


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The streaming company has previously accused Apple of Antitrust and Anti-competitive claims. A Spotify community forum initially claimed that Spotify won’t support AirPlay 2. This is because of “audio driver compatibility issues” for iOS.


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However, the streaming company has dismissed those claims and will be supporting the casting system. Apple’s AirPlay is the company’s proprietary version of Chromecast. It’s Siri connectivity, voice control, and sync of its products across speakers, televisions, and streaming services.


Earlier, Spotify appears to be trialing a new cheaper plan called Spotify Plus that combines some capabilities of its free and paid tiers. For $0.99 per month, you can skip an unlimited number of songs per hour and listen to specific titles in an album or playlist.

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The current free tier allows you to skip only up to six songs per hour. And while you can select specific tracks to play in specific collections; such as “Discover Weekly” and “Daily Mix”, you’ll only be able to listen to shuffled songs in all other albums and playlists.


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The company however, cautioned that the experimental tier may not necessarily roll out in its current form in the future. And if ever it does, it remains to be seen how the cheaper tier will help convert free users into paying subscribers.


It makes sense for Spotify to support Apple’s Airplay 2 considering the bulk of its customers on the platform. Airplay is growing big, not supporting the cast feature would be uneconomical since Spotify supports others.



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