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Slack adds video chat and screen sharing to Huddles

Slack is ramping up its combative features and has added video chat features to its Zoom competitor, Huddles. However, the aim is not to create another meeting forum but to reduce the need for a meeting.

While corporate video chat apps and software have been aimed at handling as many participants as possible, Huddles is designed to be a co-working tool. Instead of replacing a meeting, it is replacing the ‘peeking over a coworker shoulder’ aspect of working in an office.

The tool is so ‘carefree’ in nature that when you receive a call from a colleague, you don’t feel like you are stepping into another meeting. In fact, the brief nature means that users rarely talk for long (the average duration of huddle is 10 minutes, according to the company).

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The new video chat feature is also unobstructive, and you can turn it on with a click of a button. It shows a tiny video chat in the sidebar of the Slack app, and you can then opt to make it larger in another window with another click.

Also, several users can share their screens simultaneously in a Slack video huddle, and a chat thread is accessible after the huddle ends.

The video itself cannot be recorded, which is encouraging because it is not an official meeting. It would not make sense to be held accountable for something briefly discussed via a huddle video chat. Think of it as hallway conversations, Slack said.

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