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Volvo is testing hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Volvo is testing hydrogen fuel cell, a variant of clean energy-powered vehicles, with its commercial truck division. In a recent press release, the company revealed that it is working with CellCentric and Daimler Truck Automotive Group to make this a success.

The hydrogen fuel cells are emission free, just like the regular EVs. However, they are different in how they work. For example, hydrogen fuel cells power vehicles from the compressed hydrogen it carries while battery-powered EVs release energy from its storage unit.

They are quite similar in that their emission issues are more of how they are supplied to the vehicles and not how the power the vehicles. Also, they both use electric motor.

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According to Volvo, the trucks will have a range of 1,000 kilometers in one fueling, something that electric car makers dream about. The company also adds that filling the tank takes about 15 minutes before the truck is ready to go again.

Volvo has been working on the technology for some years now and the company’s president Roger Alm, believes that it will be the best option for long-distance haulage and countries where battery charging infrastructure is hard to come by.

The main challenge that it envisages for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the scarcity of refueling stations. At this time, they are all only available in California. Volvo is not alone in the industry as Toyota and General Motors are working on using the tech for commercial and passenger purposes and mobile power stations, respectively.

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