You are currently viewing Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Today’s Tech?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Today’s Tech?

The first person to answer all questions correctly wins a brand new phone. Get set, Go!


1. Wikipedia was previously banned in which country before the restriction was lifted on 15th January 2020?

A. Iran
B. Turkey
C. Iraq
D. China

2. What is the first electronic device ever made?

A. The Telephone
B. The Thermostat
C. The Relay
D. The Gramaphone

3. Which of these Oscar 2020 nominated Netflix movies is not popular for using computer-animated imagery?

A. Marriage Story
B. I Lost My Body
C. The Irishman
D. Klaus

4. According to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, when is the Edit feature expected on the service?

A. Probably never
B. 2021
C. 2022
D. 2023

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5. The United States warns the United Kingdom not to collaborate with which tech firm regarding 5G equipment?

A. Sony
B. Samsung
C. Huawei
D. Toshiba

6. Which of these is the name of a smartwatch?

A. Suunto 7
B. Iconic
C. Python
D. Javascript

7. Which of these is not regarded as a productivity app?

A. Slack
B. Microsoft Outlook
C. Hootsuite
D. Snapchat

8. Which car company recently challenged hackers?

A. Mercedes-Benz
C. Ford
D. Tesla

9. The latest Bluetooth improvement is called ….

A. Bluetooth 2.0
B. Bluetooth LE
C. Bluetooth I.P
D. Bluetooth 2020

10. What is the self-moving robot suitcase unveiled at CES 2020 called?

A. Robotron Case
B. Motion Baggage
C. Ovis Suitcase
D. Flying Bag


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