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Get A Python Professional Certificate Online Within Six Months From Google

Google is offering a six-month-long IT Automation training after which students get certified as Python professionals. The courses offered are tailored to cater to the educational need of beginner-level learners.


Everyone will benefit from this Google training program.


The six courses it contains give needed skills that are in high demand in Python, Git and IT automation. The world is going more digital, making this knowledge more practical now than ever.


It will produce programmers that can write codes to solve practical problems. Even people with no coding background will benefit as it will build their IT foundation from scratch.


On the Coursera page, it further claims that certified learners after the six months will be able to handle such a role as IT Support Specialists. They can also work as a Junior Systems Administrator.


To join for free follow this link and start learning.

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What makes this training even better is that the new breed of programmers can opt to allow Google to share their skill sets with reputable employers. Employers that will seek them include Walmart, Sprint, Hulu, Bank of America, Google and many more.


Google Python Professional certificate
Grow With Google certified programmer. Photo: Twitter.


The six courses of the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate are:

  • Crash Course on Python
  • Using Python to interact with the Operating System
  • Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging Techniques
  • Configuration Management & the Cloud
  • Automating Real-World tasks with Python

The important set of skills that graduates will posses are using version control, troubleshooting and debugging, Python programming, configuration management and automation.


This is an encouraging move from the search engine giants to increase computer programming literacy. All the lessons are available online and thus learners can benefit from anywhere in the world.


Further, schedules are not rigid, thus, you can choose when to learn, whether you work a 9-5 job or are still a student. Since it is a beginner level scheme as we stated already, anybody can learn it. Although it is in English, meaning only English speakers will enjoy it without having to employ translator software or real-life translators.


Grow with Google powers the training. It provides free training, tools & in-person coaching. Its page boasts that 725,000 Europeans have found a job or grown their business through it. By 2020, it will support one million more.


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