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Gmail Google contact smartphone hack

Why Lose Your Contacts With Your Smartphone? Take These Steps Now.

Secure your smartphone’s contacts for life with the hacks we provide in this article.


There are many uses of your smartphone and hacks we will keep discovering hacks for better use. However, in the proceeding parts, we provide a smartphone hack that concerns your contacts list.

Export and import contacts to and from Gmail to secure smartphone contacts.

The importance of contacts cannot be overemphasised. Thus, it is important to keep them secure. Writing them in diaries is old fashioned and stressful. Besides saving on Cloud, there is a way to ensure that if something happens to your phone or sim card or both, you can always access your contacts.


Use the import and export features to achieve this goal. First, ensure that all your contacts are available in your phone’s Google Contacts app. In case you have not imported your SIM cards to your phone contacts, follow the step below:


Smartphone Google contact hack

Google Contacts

  • Open the Contacts app first.
  • Next, tap on the three horizontal lines by the top left to open the options list.
  • Tap on Settings and select Import.
  • From the options to import from, choose the SIM you want (you can import from two SIMs if you want but only one after the other).
  • After ticking the SIM tap OK.
  • All contacts on your SIM that is missing from your Phone are automatically ticked, finish the process by tapping on the blue tick.
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Now that all your contacts are in the same place, you can go on to export them. To do this, follow the same steps outlined above and in Settings tap on Export instead. Then tick Device and you get an option to save the exported files in a folder that you can name.


After completing this, your contacts are almost forever secure. The next thing to do is open your Gmail app on your smartphone. Then follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the three horizontal lines by the top left to open the options list.
  • Then, tap on Contacts under the Google apps category.
  • It takes you to the Contacts where you can now select Import by following the steps we already outlined.
  • Now, the folder you named for the exported contacts appears with the name you saved it with, choose it.
  • Then tap on OK.
  • You are asked where you want to import the file to, your registered Gmail account pops up and you can choose it the particular file you want.
  • It gets exported safely.


Now, no matter what happens to your SIM card or smartphone, you have your contacts information secure when you get a new smartphone. Just remember your Gmail details.


Hardware is destructible but Software is forever.


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