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Oppo Teases 125W Flash-Charging Smartphone Ahead Of 15th July Announcement

Chinese smartphone makers, Oppo have just further changed the power sector game after teasing a smartphone that is capable of 125W flash charging. While the company has not revealed further details about this coming device, here is some other interesting information.


In a Tweet on Monday 13th July 2020, Oppo released a video showing its famous 65W charging ability increase to 125W. It also said in the Tweet:



Smartphone enthusiasts have been divided over the news since Oppo announced it. While many were thrilled at the new charging capability, others expressed concern over battery health. The most common concern was that this super-fast charging will kill batteries in time.

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To understand how fast this 125W charging ability that Oppo is bringing will be, consider the following: Oppo’s Reno Ace came with a 4,000mAh battery and 65W charging capacity in 2019. This 65W charging capacity filled the battery within 30 minutes.


Now, consider double that speed, it means it will be able to fill 4,000mAh batteries in 15 minutes. Also, this could allow Oppo launch devices with higher battery capacities like 6,000mAh or above because the 125W super-fast charging capacity will fill them in no time.


The cause for concern about battery life or health is, however, genuine. With these fast charging ability, Oppo users may be caught charging their phones to full capacity too frequently. Thereby, reducing the battery lifespan.


It will only make sense for Oppo to design a software with its coming smartphone that will focus on battery health to appease users. We don’t have to wait for too long; Oppo has said it will announce the 125W smartphone on Wednesday 15th July 2020.


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