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Oppo Is Scouting Engineers From These Popular SoC Companies To Build Its Own Processors

Oppo is a popular smartphone maker but it has for some time now been trying its hand at making system on chips (SoC). To achieve this goal, reports claim that it aims to recruit engineers from rivals like MediaTek, Qualcomm and HiSilicon.


GSM Arena reports that Oppos is “aggressively” looking to tempt key employees and executives from popular chipset companies. However, Oppo itself is yet to confirm that it is building processors. This, despite the many reports that have been circulating regarding this.


Rumours that Oppo was dabbling in the SoC market began in February 2020 following a report on Pandaily. The report claimed to have gotten a document which, Oppo CEO’s assistant had published. It had termed the document ‘Marianas Plan’ and stated that it contained details regarding developing its on SoC processors.

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Currently, giants such as Qualcomm, Samsung, HiSilicon, MediaTek and Apple lead the SoC industry. Oppo will not be the first smartphone maker to start eyeing a place in the chipset-making world. In 2017, Xiaomi had released Pinecone, its own in-house SoC. The adventure had not yielded enough results to stay sustainable and it has since shifted its focus to IoT instead.


It seems Oppo is using a different strategy by trying to get experienced hands on deck. Reports claim that the company had successfully welcomed “top executives” from MediaTek and Unisoc. One executive is allegedly also leaving Xiaomi to join the tech firm.


Unnamed inside sources also claim that it is eyeing other top companies. Oppo’s major targets are division leaders at HiSilicon and Qualcomm. The only confirmation from the company came via a representative. And the only thing the spokesperson said was that the Chinese company was investing “heavily” in chip technology to improve its supply chain.


More competition in the SoC industry means that phone makers get new processor options. Likely, this would translate into more affordable mid-range smartphones as well.


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