You are currently viewing OpenAI opens DALL-E API to developers for products and software
OpenAI opens DALL-E API to developers for products and software

OpenAI opens DALL-E API to developers for products and software

OpenAI, the maker of text-to-image software DALL-E, is opening up its API to developers to design products around it. The access allows for integrating and customising the AI to their taste.

Given the frenzy that the software generated when it was first announced, it will not take long before we start seeing several applications. For example, the Designer app by Microsoft adopts DALL-E to generate images for Office users from text in PowerPoint slides. The tech company got early access to the tech because it is a major investor in OpenAI.

“We already have a few customers building on this in very interesting ways,” Luke Miller, a product manager at OpenAI working on the API said. “Some are creative explorations, some are more business oriented. It’s always inspiring to see the creative ideas people come up with.”

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DALL-E is no longer alone in the space alone as it now faces competition from others like Midjourney and Stability AI. Then, there are upgraded versions from Meta and Google which is able to create videos from texts.

While it seems like only good can come out of this, there have been some issues associated with text-to-image tech. For one, the images are generated by an AI trained with several web images, including copyrighted works, and their elements appear in results without them getting credit or compensation.

However, for DALL-E, its makers have a deal with Shutterstock to compensate creators through a fund. Yet, this move may not be adequate enough and there may have to be better solutions in the future.

Moving forward, users will have to pay per images generated and the pricing varies with size: 256 x 256 images for $0.016; 512 x 512 images for $0.018; and 1024 x 1024 for $0.02.

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