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Tech giants reveal plans to support universal smart home Matter

Tech giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and more joined Connected Standards Alliance (CSA) to show support for universal smart home, Matter.

The group, which publishes application profiles that allow several OEM vendors create interoperable products, is also designing Matter. The home automation tech aims to remove fragmentation across different vendors and take smart home devices and Internet of things (IoT) platforms to the next level.

At an event in Amsterdam on Thursday, November 3, 2022, the tech giants sent reps to pledge their support for the program. CSA President Tobin Richardson commended the companies for putting aside their usual competitiveness in favour of working together.

Amazon, through its representative, Chris DeCenzo, said that it will have made its Alexa assistant, Echo smart speakers, and Eero routers compatible with the tech by the end of 2022. This development will make it possible to run plugs, lights and more over Wi-Fi connection.

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Amazon is also working with Samsung to make Alexa and SmartThings work together when connected via the Matter platform. “This is going to help ensure that if a device maker builds a Matter device, that they can get WWA certified, and they can get that badge when they release their product to the market, which helps them reach more customers,” DeCenzo explained.

As for Apple, who rarely extends a hand of collaboration outside its ecosystem, the company is updating its “Works with Apple HomeKit” to a new one that supports Matter. Meanwhile, Silicon Labs teased a new chipset built with Matter.

CSA says that its smart home platform will begin with regular biannual release cycle, which gets two updates twice a year. It will start with automating plugs, lights, thermostats and TVs before moving on to robot vacuums and smart home cameras.

Soon, the smart homes that were stuff of science fiction could be available to those who can afford it.

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