You are currently viewing Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z rumoured to be interested in $5.6bn NFL franchise Washington Commanders
Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z rumoured to be interested in $5.6bn NFL franchise Washington Commanders

Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z rumoured to be interested in $5.6bn NFL franchise Washington Commanders

— Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z are rumoured to be interested in buying NFL team Washington Commanders.
— Forbes says the franchise is worth $5.6 billion in 2022.

Several media outlets reported that Jeff Bezos was looking to buy American football team Washington Commanders with help from Jay-Z.

The outlets cited unnamed sources as PEOPLE confirmed that the current owners, business owners Dan and Tanya Snyder, were looking to sell the NFL team.

As usual, Jeff Bezos himself has said nothing to confirm if he has interest in the team. However, this is not the first time there was news about him owning a part of the league. In 2019, the former world’s wealthiest man had been reportedly open to buying a team but there was none on offer at that time.

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His renewed interest, although not yet confirmed, is not just a wild dream as there are sources who claims that the billionaire has ‘friends’ within the league. Amazon, his company, is also invested in the sport after securing an exclusive deal to broadcast games on the subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming and rental service Amazon Prime Video.

On the other hand, is proposed partner, Jay-Z, is well known for his serial investments in everything from music to clothing and even sports. The rapper previously owned a stake in NBA team, Brooklyn Nets.

The Snyders’ sale is not without some controversy as they are facing accusations of workplace misconduct and on the verge of alleged ousting. Their are speculations that with billionaires taking over Washington Commanders, the team could start spending big to secure talents.

According to Forbes, the Washington Commanders franchise is worth $5.6 billion and it is the NFL’s sixth-most valuable team in 2022.

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