Onion: What It Does To Your Body When It Turns Toxic

Onion: What It Does To Your Body When It Turns Toxic

Onion consumption has many benefits to the body, being rich in several vitamins and essential compounds, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, fibre, and potassium.


It has been shown that regular consumption of onions helps to significantly lower cholesterol. Onions also help those suffering from diabetes, as it lowers insulin levels in the body and increases glucose tolerance.


Onions contain sulfur and are therefore excellent for protecting the liver. It is also a good diuretic, thus preventing water retention in the body. It can also combat the effects of stress because it stimulates the transport of amino acids to the brain.

Onions : Its Benefits And What It Does To Your Body When It Turns Toxic

Although it has many benefits for the body, being a close relative of garlic, onions can become toxic and thus cause more harm than good. This is when onion turns poisonous and shouldn’t be consumed.

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It is very important not to use onion that has been exposed for some time when cooking. Studies have shown that both onion and garlic have properties that absorb viruses and bacteria from the air.


It’s dangerous to cut an onion and use it even after a few hours. It has been shown that an onion kept overnight in the refrigerator, even in a protective bag, becomes poisonous because it is filled with toxic bacterias. If consumed, such an onion can damage the stomach and can even cause food poisoning.


Also, onions are not advisable for those suffering from hypertension as it accelerates the pulse and thus increases the risk of stroke.


Finally, the consumption of onion is not for those suffering from digestive problems. Onion stimulates gastric juice secretion and may cause reflux or gastritis. Onions can also cause nausea and bloating if consumed frequently.


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