New iPhone 14 leak suggests an autofocus improved selfie camera

The latest iPhone 14 leaks claim that the next Apple smartphone could come with an autofocus feature that greatly improves the selfie camera capabilities.

Apple leaker Min-Chi Kuo dropped the hint on Tuesday, via his Twitter account.

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The Tweet claims that the device will have an f/1.9 aperture which is an upgrade on the predecessor, iPhone 13’s f/2.2 aperture lens and fixed focus. For those who don’t understand why a lower f-number is important and why AF is better than fixed focus, Kuo further explains:

“AF support and a lower f-number can provide a better shallow depth-of-field effect for selfie/portrait mode. In addition, AF can also enhance the focus effect for FaceTime/video call/live streaming.”

The fact that the improved selfie cam capability is coming to ‘four new models’ as Kuo pointed out means that it is not the selling point of the smartphone lineup.

In related news, other recent leaks have claimed that the iPhone 14 could come with A-16 chipsets as well as a satellite connectivity for emergency calls. If Apple is still on track for a September launch, it is doing a good job sitting on as much info as possible until it is ready to share with the rest of the world.

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