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World of Warcraft brings back dragons in Dragonflight expansion

World of Warcraft developers announced Dragonflight, a ninth expansion of the gaming world that brings back dragons after a 12-year absence. The new game focuses on guardians of Azeroth and will have players navigate the Dragon Isles.

Besides dragons, the expansion will introduce a new race/class named Dracthyr Evokers– these are draconic humanoids that will possess ranged damage and healing powers like the Dragon Aspects.

The changes will not just be surface level, as the World of Warcraft announcement hinted at revamped talent system, revamped crafting, and a changed UI. Here is the video announcing the expansion:

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There will also be a new quality rating system by professions and a dedicated inventory slot. Also, the way gears are made on the WoW game will change as a work order system is set to replace the yelling in trade chat tradition.

The developers will add a new interface to Dragonflight for players to post what they want to be made, materials it needs, and for crafters to pick and work on.

Likely, another exciting feature coming with this game update is the new dragon riding activity: players can customise their dragon mounts, and there will likely be dragon racing. And there is something for old-timers, WoW Classic players will soon be able to play the 2008 Wrath of The Lich King.

Blizzard Entertainment has not given an expected release date for these new features.

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