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iPhone 14 series price leak shocks customers

iPhone 14 series price leak has shocked customers as it shows a price increase of up to $300 on similar variants. What could be the cause of this unexpected hike in value?

Forbes writer Gordon Kelly mentions that ‘rising components costs’ and ‘Apple’s determination to differentiate Pro and non-Pro iPhones’ could be the cause. 

The unspoken custom between the company and its customers has always been a little consistent increment between successors and predecessors. For example, since the iPhone 13 Mini cost $699, the iPhone 14 Max replacing it would be expected to cost $899 — a $200 increment across the series.

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However, leaks claim that iPhone 14 Max will be going for $999 instead. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to launch at a starting price of $1,099, and $1,199, respectively — the iPhone 13 Pro and its Pro Max version came at $999 and $1,099.

Besides Apple’s obsession with creating a class distinction, there is also the fact that it is scrapping the Mini variant altogether because users prefer a bigger display may also be a factor shooting up the successor’s pricing range.

In addition, another recent leak showed what all the iPhone 14 series smartphones would look like in September when they launch.

iPhone 14 Pro variants will have a new i-shaped cutout for its front camera setup, while the regular variants retain the notch design. Also, both the Max and Pro Max versions will come with the same 6.7-inch display. Spotters add that the Pro smartphones look taller, have more rounded corners, and thinner bezels.

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