You are currently viewing NASA successfully tests Artemis 1 SLS rocket ahead of late September launch
NASA has completed the needed repairs for the launch of the Artemis I Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

NASA successfully tests Artemis 1 SLS rocket ahead of late September launch

NASA says that the Artemis 1 SLS rocket passed the fueling process test, which means that it could be ready for launch on September 27, 2022.

The gigantic SLS rocket has been plagued with technical malfunctions that have seen it grounded for too long. After its last canceled launch, the agency revealed that fuel leakage had made it impossible for the engineers to carry on.

Now, the latest is that the team have succeeded in fixing the tanks and tested it. “All of the objectives that we set out to do we were able to accomplish today,” the launch director of the Artemis 1 program, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, said.

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However, no new Artemis 1 launch date has been decided upon because there is still some homework to be done on the test results.  “Teams will evaluate the data from the test, along with weather and other factors, before confirming readiness to proceed into the next launch opportunity,” NASA said in a statement.

Although, the closest date for a launch is September 27 and the next one after that is October 2. Recall that the Artemis 1 program is an uncrewed launch of a astronaut-like mannequins to help understand what happens to humans when they journey to the moon. It will set the pace for the Artemis 2, which would take a crew to orbit the moon.

After these two missions, the third one will see the first woman of colour touchdown on the surface of the Moon. The entire program is to encourage exploration of the lunar planet, and it will include building a space station in its orbit.

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