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MrBeast Announces $2 Million Fund To Help Creators Maximise Their Talents

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Famous YouTuber, MrBeast, had hinted last year that he wanted a way to invest in up-and-coming creators, giving them an opportunity to maximise their talents while getting a return for his investment. That plan has come to fruition after his latest announcement.


MrBeast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson is launching a $2 million investment fund. The fund will offer creators up to $250,000 in exchange for a stake in their channels. A new company named Creative Juice will pilot the fund. Donaldson is an investor in the company.

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“We’re gonna make sure we find [creators] that actually need a giant cash inflow and aren’t just trying to go buy a Lamborghini,” Donaldson said to The Information.


Creative Juice hasn’t detailed when its launch date or the type of creators it will invest in. Donaldson says the idea is to help YouTubers “pour gas on the fire” as a means of propelling their growth.


MrBeast has nearly 56 million subscribers with tens of millions of views per video. His most recent video already has over 35 million views barely a week old. He’s known for outrageous stunts and giveaways. He gives away cars a lot and cash to struggling creators.



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