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YouTube Introduces Checks To Help Creators Detect Copyrighted Material In Their Video

YouTube is rolling out a new tool it’s calling Checks to help tell a creator before uploading content if their video contains copyrighted material and complies with advertising guidelines. Checks will also help make the process of uploading a video and receiving ad revenue easier.


The new feature means that creators can now be assured that they can realise revenue from successfully uploaded videos on their channel.


Checks scrutinize their uploads for copyrighted content, helping them avoid takedowns or copyright holders claiming ad revenue. It also helps the creator to know for certain that they are on the right side of its advertising guidelines.

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The goal will also largely reduce the amount of “yellow icons” creators see next to their video. The yellow icons refer to the yellow dollar signs suggesting that the platform is withholding ad revenue because of copyright or guideline issues.


When YouTube’s copyright identification system detects a violation after a video is scanned, the rights holder’s policy will be automatically applied to the video. As a result, YouTube could block the video entirely or the rights holders could monetize the video instead.


Ultimately, Checks make it easier for creators to find and settle claims ahead of time. This also means that they get to monetize their videos as quickly and effectively as possible.


Apart from checks, YouTube is also making other efforts to enable creators to get the reward for their videos. These efforts include teaching them how changes to metadata and tagging can affect revenue post-publishing.



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