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Mozilla Firefox Allows Users Automatically Block Annoying Pop-Up Notifications

The Mozilla Firefox browser now comes with a feature that allows users to block popup notifications.


Web users are familiar with these unwanted notifications disrupting the flow of their web surfing. Most times, these notifications are not only unwanted but also get rejected. Yet, it does not stop.


Mozilla knows this and is thus offering users of its web browser a way out with an article on its website. Users can block these notifications from coming up. The company had discovered in 2019 after a survey that as high as 99% of the notifications are ignored. Meanwhile, 48% are rejected.


If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser frequently, you will need to read the proceeding parts of this article. Note that the browser automatically blocks pop up messages from showing while you are enjoying using the web.


To know if a website wants to send you a message, check the URL bar. You will see a speech bubble beside the address. Then it wiggles or shakes to let you know that a message notification was blocked. See a GIF of this below:


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If you do not want to bother about it, you can just leave it and continue doing what you were doing. However, there is more that you can do to ensure your web browsing experience is seamless. You can click the message bubble icon and set the permissions and permanently restrict the page from sending these unwanted messages.


You can also grant it permission if you want to receive notifications another time. All you have to do is go to Firefox Preferences and click on Privacy & Security. Then tap Permissions and choose Settings under Notifications.


Also, some websites will want to request permission to send you messages as well. What you can do to prevent these distractions is check the box that says “Block new requests” under the Settings- Notification Permissions. See image below:


mozilla firefox block notification


This is the second recent update that Mozilla Firefox is releasing in 2020. The browser had mentioned adjusting its policies to accommodate California’s new privacy law. It looks like the browser is trying to ensure users get the best of experience while using their service.


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