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student smartphone

Five Things Students Can Do With Smartphones To Improve Academic Life

Many think smartphones and students are not a good mix. Those who argue in this line think of the many distractions that the device can cause. There is also the danger of becoming exposed to predators and other dangers.


While we acknowledge these possible dangers, we cannot rule out the usefulness of smartphones to students’ academics. Below, we list five things that this device can be used for in education. After reading this article, you will realise you may have been underusing your smartphone as a student.

Recording lectures

smartphone Audio record student


Although lecturers always encourage taking notes to discourage laziness, sometimes it is not always possible. Many factors can prevent a student from taking notes in class. But you don’t have to miss out on important points if you find yourself hindered by some factors.


You can opt to record the lectures for listening later. You might need to ask your lecturer for permission before doing this and also remember to set your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode. So, when you create the time you can listen to the whole class again at your convenience.

Researching assignments and papers

smartphone student research


Many students probably already know that most of what they need to know about a topic is available on Wikipedia and other pages online. However, what they may not realise is that most of the books in school libraries are also online. Of course, visiting the library will not be useless anytime soon but when you can’t do that, make do with your smartphone.

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With smartphones, students get access to as much information as they want. You can also open many tabs on browsers to search for multiple things at the same time. Try as much as possible to avoid getting distracted or derailed by the many unrelated pieces of information that may come up as well.

Arranging group assignments and reading

Whatsapp students group


If you are a student who prefers reading with others or you have a group project, then you can use your smartphone to connect with colleagues. Instead of trying to find a convenient time and location for all members to be physically together, creating groups on messaging apps can solve this problem.


This is also very effective as members of a group get to leave offline messages for others to read when they are online.

Setting reminders, alarms, schedules and so on

Alarm smartphone

Photo: KnowTechie


Smartphone apps can help students arrange their academic lives. Use your mobile devices to set alarms for classes and use calendar apps to schedule for tests and examinations. Also, you can create a to-do list of academic goals you want to achieve every day using your phones.

Online videos

YouTube smartphone students


If you are finding it difficult to understand a particular topic in school, you can look for videos online. Sometimes, the problem may be from how the lecturer is presenting the topic, so look for additional tutors. Many of these videos are also free and come with a wide range of study aid that makes understanding easier.


On some platforms, students can converse with others for more help. Popular websites with educational videos include YouTube, Twitter, Echo360, Kaltura, OpenCast and so on.


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