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Microsoft US Offices

Microsoft Plans To Close Its US Offices Till At Least January 2021

Microsoft will not be reopening its US offices until at least January 2021. The Verge reports that Microsoft has selected 19th January 2021, as the earliest possible date for its US offices to be open to its employees.


Microsoft is reportedly planning a “hybrid workplace” for a phased reopening of its offices. The tech giant has also come up with a six-stage dial showing its plan to return its employees back to the office.


The first stage illustrates the companies situation since the lockdowns when its offices were closed and the eventual goal of reopening when the time comes. The company however says it will only return to the office after the lockdowns have been lifted and health data also agrees that it is safe to do so.

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These are the six stages of Microsofts plan to reopen its offices;


1: closed
2: mandatory working from home
3: working from home strongly encouraged
4: soft opening
5: open with restrictions
6: open


“In the United States, we have established that the earliest possible date for Stage 6 is now January 19, 2021. Our goal for Stage 6 is to return to normal operations while being prepared to back off to an earlier stage if a significant resurgence in the virus occurs,” Microsoft’s head of corporate strategy, Kurt DelBene said in an internal memo.


Microsoft is now in the second stage of its plan, in which working from home is strongly encouraged. The company had enforced a mandatory work from the home policy in March 2020 as the pandemic spread across Seattle.


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