Microsoft Plans To Buy TikTok With The Social Media Platform Valued At $50 Billion

Microsoft Plans To Buy TikTok With The Social Media Platform Valued At $50 Billion

In the news last night, there are claims that Microsoft has begun negotiations to buy the viral social media app, TikTok. This deal could be potentially beneficial for both parties.


Unnamed sources that are close to the discussion between TikTok and Microsoft confirmed that the American software giants are indeed eyeing a big-money takeover of TikTok.


According to a recent Reuters report, TikTok is currently valued at $50 billion. Which is not beyond Microsoft’s reach, considering their purchase history.


The company had bought LinkedIn for $27 billion back in 2017. Also, there are many advantages for TikTok in this deal. For example, most of the company’s privacy troubles would fizzle out if it comes under Microsoft.

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Even on the night of Friday 31st July 2020, when the public became aware of this news, the US President Donald Trump had said that his administration was considering banning TikTok in the country.


Trump’s major bone of contention is TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance’s relationship with China. He has accused the company of committing espionage. There is also the issue of privacy and disregard of internet use when it concerns minors.


India recently even banned it along with many other Chinese apps. Thus, if TikTok makes the decision to sell to Microsoft, it may acquire some level of immunity. The software giants may even provide more transparency than ByteDance is currently doing.


The benefits for Microsoft are also endless. It will finally be able to stake a claim in something sensation and more appealing to the general public. This is exactly what the company has been trying to do with its game streaming business.


If Microsoft buys TikTok, it would not only have a major share in the corporate social world but also the entertainment social world as well. Both companies have not made any statement on the potential deal.


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