You are currently viewing Meta Quest Pro headset leaks online
Meta Quest Pro headset leaks online

Meta Quest Pro headset leaks online

Pictures of the Meta Quest Pro headset has leaked online a month in advance after someone left an engineering sample in a hotel room. This gadget (and its siblings) marks the next step in Facebook’s future.

A Facebook user, by name Ramiro Cardenas, posted a Reel of the ‘multiple devices’. It is clear that this is not meant for public eyes, which makes it all the more intriguing.

Bearing the label Not for resale – engineering sample, the leaked video shows a black headset with three frontal cameras. It looks like the snippets of the Project Cambria headset that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been showing off in the past weeks.

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Besides the headset, one rare sight are the new controllers leaked in the video. As Engadget describes it, they feature new designs quite different from the looped controllers from the previous release. The person who dropped the headsets, have since claimed them, Cardenas said.

Zuckerberg already announced a launch date of October 11 for the Metaverse gadgets. He had promised that they would bring improved ‘higher-end virtual reality experience’ to users. Tracking features to improve not just gaming but general virtual reality will also be incorporated into the Meta Quest Pro.

As the tech billionaire has said, the metaverse is not aimed at locking people into an online addiction but to improve communication. It will revolutionise the virtual tech as we know it, if Meta’s word is to be taken as the truth.

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