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Amazon waives 50% fees for new sellers

Amazon says that it will reduce fees for new Indian sellers by up to 50%, provided that they register before October 26 and launch within 90 days. The waiver also applies to sellers in every category, the company stated on its website.

Amazon seller fees is a calculated percentage of the total sales that a seller is paid. It has been one of the ways that the e-commerce company has sustained its sellers program for so long.

Meanwhile, the fees have discouraged many merchants of small quantity goods from joining the platform as well. So, the hope is that this fee reduction would encourage more sellers to join.

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Additionally, as Gadgets 360 pointed out, the announcement coincides with the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2022 sale that starts from on September 23.

The festival is a sort of ‘Black Friday’ sale duration where customers get to enjoy huge discounts. Likely, banking on the increased sales that will happen during the festival, Amazon hopes to more than make up for what it would have lost in the discounted fee charge.

Of course, Prime members will get early access to the festival and have the ‘first through the door’ advantage to grab up the best deals.

Amazon boasted that the festival sale would benefit local stores, traditional weavers and artisans, women entrepreneurs, startups and digital entrepreneurs in reaching more customers.

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