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Mayor of Berragamo Says Atalanta vs Valencia Game Responsible For Covid-19 Spread In Italy

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The Mayor of Berragamo, Giorgio Gori may just have revealed why Italy is the worst hit country with Coronavirus in Europe.


Last month, Atalanta hosted Valencia at Inter Milan’s San Siro 21,000-capacity home ground in Bergamo.


The match had which ended in 4-1 win for Valencia had over 44,000 fans in attendance. The Mayor of Berragamo believes that over half of these attendees may have contracted the virus from that game causing it to spread like wild-fire all over Europe


Speaking to football Journalist he said: “The match was a biological bomb. At that time we did not know what was happening.

If the virus was already circulating, the 40,000 fans who went to San Siro were infected” he said

“No one knew that the virus was already circulating among us”


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In the same vain, Immunologist professor Francesco Le Foche insists it was ‘madness’ that the game held in-spite of news Coronavirus outbreak

He said: “It’s probably that there were several major triggers and catalysts for the diffusion of the virus.


”The Atalanta-Valencia game could very well have been one of them. It was the apex of collective euphoria in a unique football season for this club.


”A month has passed since that match, so the timing is pertinent”


The aggregation of thousands of people, centimetres from each other, engaging in manifestations of euphoria like hugging, shouting, all of that could’ve favoured viral reciprocation” he continued


”I have to imagine many didn’t want to miss that game if they had tickets, even if they felt a slight fever.


“With hindsight, it was madness to play with a crowd present, but at the time things weren’t clear enough. It’d be unthinkable now“.


Italy so far has recorded 6,820 deaths and Bergamo, one of the country’s worst-hit towns has over 3,800 cases


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