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Covid-19 exercise

These Five Exercise Will Help You Keep Fit During Covid-19 Pandemic

With the current global pandemic, all gyms are closed to help halt the spread of the virus thus exercising may be a challenge.Long stretch of hours cooped up in place even when one is working can be frustrating and mind numbing.


This is why exercising is paramount in these times. its the best way to keep your mental health in check and also your general physical well-being. So this is not a time to become a couch potato, stuffing on finger foods and accumulating unhealthy carbs.


For persons who already started a fitness journey, you can still continue even in the confines of isolation.


Instructors worldwide have shared that your home however small can be sectioned into a work-out space so you can get your exercises going.


So we’ve put together a list of exercises you can engage in the mornings to keep your brain sharp and your bodies humming.

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Good ol’ sit-ups are And for that, your shoulders, spine and hips should all align. You can do as many repetitions as you like – and if that is not challenging enough, extend your hands a little further every time to hit different muscle.

Exercises during the pandemic

Photo: Popsugar

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are also easy exercises you can do to start your day with. Ensure to keep a good distance from others and spread your hands and legs out as you engage.


covid-19 exercise

Photo: Zoomzea


Sit-ups are a great way to strengthen your core. This is essential because of all the in-between snacking you’d be doing this season. Performing a proper sit-up is as easy as lying on your back, crossing your hands and placing them behind your back, bending your knees and moving your chin towards your knees.


covid-19 exercise

Photo: Popsugar


This is one cardio exercise everyone should do while staying at home. It works out the whole body and is simple to perform. Just get your skipping rope and you’re all set.

covid-19 exercise

Photo: Amazon

Walking Lunges

These are pretty easy to do. You can add a dumb-bell ( or a heavy milk-jug ) to make your lunges more powerful and effective.



Photo: Crossfit

You can also take up yoga this times as hobby. Find Youtube videos for beginners and get-a -started.


The global Coronavirus pandemic is changing systems all over the world and we must adapt to make the best of it.


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