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Keep Up With Telehealth Surge With Vertiv Healthcare Webinar Series, See How To Register

Keep Up With Telehealth Surge With Vertiv Healthcare Webinar Series, See How To Register

Vertiv is organising a four-part webinar series to keep you informed about telehealth surge amidst the pandemic. See how to register for the webinars and get information on how to not miss each of them in this article.


Vertiv took to its Twitter page to announce the virtual events to its over 7,000 followers. The company Tweeted:



The first Vertiv healthcare webinar or webcast comes up on Wednesday 15th July 2020 and it is themed: Ensuring Power Continuity in Telehealth and Healthcare Closets. It starts by (18:00 in Lagos) and (13:00 in New York). Like all the other webinars, it will last for one hour.


To register for this webcast and not miss any part of it, go to this link. Vertiv also offers three more telehealth and healthcare webinars and they are:

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— Rack and Power Distribution Strategies for Expanding Healthcare Network Closets. Date: Thursday 30th July 2020. Time: (Lagos 18:00) and (New York 13:00).


— How Digitalization and Telehealth are Heating Up Healthcare Closets. Date: Wednesday 12th August 2020. Time: (Lagos 14:00) and (New York 09:00).


— Monitoring and Maintaining Healthcare Closets to Support Digitalization and Telehealth. Date: Thursday 27th August 2020. Time: (Lagos 18:00) and (New York 13:00).


Telehealth is even more popular at this time as more healthcare providers are employing technology in medical solutions. Vertiv mentions that using outdated critical power infrastructure can lead to maintenance challenges.


In the first webinar mentioned, the speakers from Vertiv will focus on how one hospital system has addressed its power challenges. Don’t miss out on this vital virtual session and others to follow.


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