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Is It Possible To Get Electrocuted While Charging And Using Your Phone At The Same Time?

The direct answer is, No! and the reason is simply that your charger does not supply enough current to electrocute you. Electrocution is defined as injury or death resulting from electric shock.


There are stories on the internet of people getting electrocuted for using their phones while it’s charging. While there’s an actual possibility of electrocution while dealing with an electric current, It’s, however, not entirely true that using your phone while charging will kill or incapacitate you.


There are dangers associated with using your phone while charging it depending on the model of the device, however, none of them involves electrocution.


Slow charging, heating up and possible cable damage are some of the effects of using your phone while charging. Your phone won’t even explode, except its a case of a defective battery or faulty manufacturing process like in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s case.

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How do Chargers Work?

To better understand this, consider your phone chargers. Chargers work on the simple principle of converting AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current).


Electrocution while charging
A charger plugged into a wall socket. Photo:


Chargers take the 220/110 V AC from the Wall Socket in your house and convert it into a DC Voltage. The essence is to step it down and convert into a less lethal current and then pass this current into your phone to charge its battery.


So, essentially, it is the job of the charger to step down the current from the socket into a safer current.


This means that anything connected to the charger like the cable and phone is safe. Most chargers have a capacity of 5V and 2A which will not electrocute a human being.


You might feel a slight tingling sensation if you come in contact with an exposed part of the charging cable. This is also what you feel when you place your charger on your tongue while it is plugged to test if it’s working. However, it is not enough to electrocute you.

But what of the stories on the internet?

It takes very particular circumstances to suffer electrocution while charging your phone. Some of them are If you:

— were dripping wet. Baths/water lowers a person’s resistance and conducts electricity

— have direct contact with the wall socket

— use a counterfeit charger or accessory.


Either way, the likelihood of being electrocuted while charging is very low.

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Can I use my phone while it’s charging

Yes, in fact, most manufacturers design their devices with this in mind. However, smartphone manufacturers also warn that you must use the recommended/original cables and charging accessories that come with the device or an original replacement to avoid complications.


In essence, most of the stories you find online about phones exploding because a user used it while charging are fabrications. They are simply not true. Yes, your phone might heat up, but it will not explode.


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