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How To Schedule Tweets And Save Drafts On Twitter’s Web App

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Users can now schedule tweets using the main Twitter Web app. The tool enables users to create a tweet and then schedule a time and date for it to be posted. Users can also schedule tweets for up to a year in advance.


The microblogging site had experimented with the schedule tweet feature back in November 2019. However, most users needed to log in using Tweetdeck or other third-party services that supported the feature in order to use the service as it wasn’t available to everyone.

To schedule tweets:

— Type in the tweet

— Tap on the calendar tab at the bottom just beside the smiley tab

— Set a date and time for the tweet to be sent out


Twitter also posted a video demonstration of the feature.


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Twitter users can also now save drafts on the web app. However, the drafts can only sync and be accessible in other web sessions and not the app.


According to Twitter; “Right now, Tweet drafts saved on desktop or mobile web will be accessible via desktop or mobile web only.”

To save drafts on the web app:

—Type in the tweet

— Try to cancel the tweet and then choose the option to save to drafts


Users can also schedule tweets from their drafts by pulling them up, completing the tweet, and scheduling.


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