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Twitter Tests New Feature That Allows Users Control Who Can Comment On Tweets

With Twitter, the saying ‘it doesn’t get better than this’ is wrong, as the social media platform is testing a new feature that will allow users to have conversations with people under posts. This new feature gives you the power to control who can comment on your Twitter posts.


Announcing the testing process, the company had posted from its official handle:



The post comes with a short video explaining how Twitter users can control who can reply to their Tweets. All they have to do is @mention the people they want to converse with when composing the post. Then, they tap on the Everyone can reply option just under the typing space, this will also be called Permission settings.


After this, they can opt for who they want to be able to comment on the post. There are options to either allow Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you mention to be able to comment on the post or reply.

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While this does not stop people from liking, viewing and retweeting the post, only those invited can comment. The account tested the feature with two posts. For the first post, it made it impossible for anyone to comment at all. While for the second one, it mentioned the NASA account and proceeded to hold a conversation that no one else could interrupt.


Twitter said that only a small percentage of accounts around the world would get early access to the feature. For example, the official handle of the Spanish football club Barcelona used it in its post.



This development is a good one. When it finally gets released for everyone, those who wish to host virtual conversations can do so directly from their Twitter accounts and there would be no distractions.


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