You are currently viewing Happy Children’s Day! 90’s Kids Form A Circle And Let’s Reminisce

Happy Children’s Day! 90’s Kids Form A Circle And Let’s Reminisce

Happy children’s day! As a 90’s kid, I am quickly reminded that I am not a child, even though in actual fact, I will forever remain a child to my parents. While I never get a holiday for this special day dedicated to children (or any at all); I am left with lots of memories from when I was classified (social construct) as a Child.


I always had a thing with phones, I could unlock them and then play games with them. I’d hear “these children with computer brain sef!” My mum would ask how I knew what to do with a phone I had never seen before, and I would say I just knew.


Then I became the go-to person for phone settings. Adults would silence their phones without knowing and I would fix it. They would come to me for a variety of issues regarding their gadgets and I would mostly solve those to earn a tip.


My earliest memories involve being called a whiz kid (yeah, star boy!). So I used to run my dad’s business center at around age 10. Sometimes, the typists would call in sick and my dad would be tired from typing and I’d step in to save the day. Then I’d get comments, appreciation, and tips after completing the jobs to their surprise.

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My favorite next thing was playing FIFA 2000 with a Pentium Desktop at the time. My dad and uncle will marvel and laugh at the player celebrations. I’d build my own all-conquering teams and win championships only for a power outage (NEPA!) to destroy all my hard work and progress. Rinse and Repeat!


I got into secondary school in 2003, situated in a barrack, the school came with its type of challenges. But boys will be boys. I would participate in different sports but I loved playing video games too. Amongst them are Crash, Mortal Combat, Sega games, Contra, Duck Hunt, Virtual Cop, Need for Speed, Gods of Egypt, Osama Bin Laden, and many other games.


I was a good child but some of the boys would sneak out of school or jump the fence to go to Mammy to play theses games. I would go to the Mammy after school or just play on the desktop in my dad’s business center.

Childrens Day
A game center back in the day look like this except the TV had a big behind. Photo: Vencedor Photography.


Remember PS1 (inserts commentary) “goal, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal,” amazing. Roberto Carlos had such a left foot, then we transitioned to winning 11 where Obafemi Martins had a speed of 99, Andriano had a shot power of 99 and Inter Milan was a fantastic team! Then Brazil of that year and their super line up.


Thankfully I never got involved in the betting side of the games but we used to be scared of police arresting us at the game centers, even though we had actually done nothing wrong. Our parents would frown at us playing games and ask us to go and read our books. And the ‘Onile’ (owner of the game center) was unbeatable to us because we felt he sleeps with the game so he gets to practice.

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Konami’s Winning Eleven (PES) was so popular at the time that there were no takers for FIFA. Now, those that play PES are regarded as bad gamers, and well, ain’t nobody got time for the Mammy market anymore.


I never had a game console except for the desktop and later my laptops, I still don’t have one. However, I’m hoping my girlfriend can do what my parents didn’t do and buy me one; most preferably, a PS5.


Maybe someday I’d talk about my other childhood experiences but I’ll stop here today. Happy Children’s day to everybody, we might be grown, but we are really only children.


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