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Google Plus now Currents

Google Plus Is Now Officially ‘Currents’ After Undergoing Rebranding

Google Plus is rebranding and will now identify as Google Currents. Google shut down personal accounts on the failed social media platform in 2019 after announcing that it was replacing it with Google Currents due to low engagements.


According to 9to5Google, Google Plus Android and iOS apps have undergone this rebranding. Both apps now bear Google Currents, reflecting the change.


Google Currents is focused on helping people within organisations communicate with each other. The service also allows users to post and comment on discussions.


Users can see content in a Feed called “home stream”. According to Google, the home stream ranks content chronologically.  This means that users can enjoy important and relevant content first. G Suite admins are also allowed to moderate discussions whenever the need arises.

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You can use the service to exchange ideas and documents and other discussions with colleagues without flooding their inbox. You can also match colleagues with similar interests and find communities that match their interests. Google Currents will also allow you to stay abreast of happenings in other departments across the organisation with trending tags.


Google Currents used to be the name of another Google product, a magazine app. In 2013, Google rebranded the product as Google Play Newsstand, at the moment, the app has been replaced by Google News.


The existing URLs will also continue to function and automatically redirect to on mobile. This indicates a seamless update on mobile, with Google just updating over the existing Google Plus client. On web browsers, the URL shows you a screen detailing why Google is no longer offering the service.


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