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Quick fix: See Google Messages bug eating your battery and stop it

A new Google bug has been identified in the default Messages app that is draining your battery and heating up your phone; see how to fix it.

Another day, another Google bug. If you have an Android phone that has been running short on battery in mysterious ways, it is time to demystify the issue.

According to several complaints, there is a bug in the Google Messages app that leaves the device camera running in the background. The issue comes from a feature that lets you take a photo directly from the messaging app and attach it to a message you want to send.

While The Verge’s Barbara Krasnoff says that the problem may not be widespread, it is still quite serious.

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One quick way to fix the bug temporarily is by turning off camera permissions for the Messaging app. Here is how you can do that:

Go to Settings Apps Messages > Permissions Camera and choose the “Don’t allow” option.

What happens is that the permission for the camera is set to “Allow only while using the app” by default, and the bug makes the Messaging app keep running in the background and using the camera as well.

Google Communications Manager Scott Westover confirmed that the company is aware of the issue and is rolling out an update that fixes the bug. Despite this, it is still wise to take the settings precaution until it is confirmed that the issue is completely fixed.

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